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About Us

BlueBean is a project started by Blue Fifty Polska Sp. z o.o. (Blue Fifty) in cooperation with TOP BV (TOP) to realize the first production facility of Texturized Vegetable Proteins (TVPs) in Poland​.

The processing facility will process locally grown proteins crops such as pea and lupin to produce high quality TVPs to be used by the food industry to processing in meat replacement products​.


Better Planet

Reduce Impact

Eating more plant-based food to reduce carbon emissions, acidification, land use and water pollution​.

Local Production

Increase local food production in Europe, reducing imports from abroad​.

Sustainable Production

Using renewable energy and sustainable crops​.

The Process

Stages of production

Protein Producer

A Leading Protein Producer

Poland is among the largest producers of pulses in Europe and therefore ideally suited for the local production of TVPs within Europe​.

Main local crops suited for TVP production are peas, broad beans, lupine and wheat​



Broad Beans



Reducing Our Impact

Use renewable energy for our own production processes.​​
Avoid natural gas for heating, by using a heat pump or waste heat.​​
We are actively looking to add bio and organically grown legumes to our portfolio for TVP production. ​​

             – Texturized proteins –

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Blue Fifty is a Polish development company aimed to introduce new products and projects to the Polish market that contribute towards a sustainable society in 2050​.

TOP is a Dutch technical service provider specialized in product and process development in the food industry​.

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